Heading out to the Flore this morning, I spotted a crowd, which is rather unusual in these parts. Then I looked to my left and noticed a stunningly gorgeous woman being chatted up by our local fish monger, in his shop, with the surprisingly literary name; Moby Dick (the shop, not the monger).



Yes, that is Ms Catherine Deneuve there looking absolutely fantastic. I was thrilled. We’re practically neighbors, I’ve been part of this quartier for nearly a decade, seeing stars on a nearly weekly basis and yet I had never run into the elusive Cat. The fish monger has an even more famous name (than his shop, not Catherine).

And Gerard Depardieu (yes, he owns a poissonerie) was having a grand time flirting with his movie star client, filling her trendy new Louis Vuitton red & white polka dot bag with bottles of olive oil and boating about the fresh lobster swimming in the tank below, as a film crew recorded their repartee.

Finally at the Flore, the rain clouds had stormed in, turn the daylight into a night sky, women rushing by in a blur. Black is still de rigeur on these gloomy summer days, with sandals some how making it look ok.

And big bags, lots of them, as every one dreams of travel, prepares for travel and heads off to travel.

On the phone, perhaps making plans for a quick get away, hopefully before the weekend madness really sets in?

Everyone struggling to keep the nasty weather from making us feel down and grumpy. Occasionally forgetting that this is Paris. The sky may be behaving dastardly, but the light remains inspiring and beauty abounds.

And one terribly optimistic soul keeping things bright and her fashion colorful, providing delicious eye candy for the rest of us as we throw our heads down and our umbrellas UP.


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7 thoughts on “Friday@Flore

  1. When I saw the first photo, before I read a word, I thought, “She looks like Catherine Deneuve.” You’re right, she looks great.

    You did such a good job capturing fly-on-the-wall photos of her. I never photograph celebrities because I don’t want to be intrusive, but some of them are definitely worth it. I regret the time I didn’t get a shot of Denzel Washington.

  2. I think if I had to pick one French celebrity I would love to see someday, it would be Catherine Deneuve. I used to wear her perfume when I was young! I even did my hair like hers for a while (I even tried her hair from Belle du Jour, although it didn’t look nearly as good on me).

  3. Thanks for getting these candid shots of the two movie icons together! Now I don’t have to fly to Paris to get their photo! I will anyway! Now I know where one of Gerard D’s shops is located. I just signed up to get your blog. Fantastic shots without them being upset by a photographer.

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