Mon éléphant rose


The Pink Elephant…

He’s standing here in the room with us as bright and surreal as his name implies. Elworth. Elworth my pet pink elephant who has been filling this blog space since early October. Many of you have written, sending encouragement or just checking in.

It happened so abruptly. I was here posting regularly with joy and then one day, just like that, I wasn’t. And you were all so patient. I am touched and amazed every day by how many people read my blog, check in to see what is up with Mr French and our little corner of the world, even when the site grows cold with neglect. Your appreciation has meant the world to me. And yet I stopped writing, just like that. No warning. No explanation.

I have been wanting to blog more often, yet I can’t bring myself to the keyboard to begin a post. I don’t understand the why, so I don’t know how to share it in this space. There are many factors… my family’s need for just a bit more privacy, an influx of professional writing jobs that have drained me of words, the need to write more about the world around me and less about just me.

After 6 months, I think it is fairly official. This blog is on break. I won’t be killing it, there are possible adventures ahead that would be a thrill to share, but for now, I am moving on, and I hope you’ll join me.

I have started a new blog: Only In Paris. It is about exactly that: experiences, people, places you’re only likely to run in to in Paris. I hope you’ll join me. Or at least check in out from time to time. There will always be a bit of me in there and I look forward to sharing the weird, wonderful and uncommon bits of this city I love so dearly.

With the new name, comes a few new addresses.
You’ll find me on :
Instragram @Only_N_Paris
Twitter @OnlyNParis

I hope to see you on this new adventure.

And a huge merci to you all for being there in my stats everyday, for posting your comments, checking me out on social media and showing you’re there. Many of you have watched me grow from an abruptly single, unemployed Mom of teens to the very happy travel journalist /copywriter I am today. You kept me going when I didn’t know I could. I hope that you all know you have made a tremendous difference in somebody’s life. Merci.

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12 thoughts on “Mon éléphant rose

  1. Hi Silvia,first time here for me but must say how much I have loved popping in on your life and thank you for sharing those glimpses. It has made visiting Paris understanding the locals,as we say here,in Australia so enjoyable.
    I will miss you but good luck with your next venture.

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