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I’m a writer. I write advertising copy for brands like L’Oréal, websites for Cartier, FB posts for Hermès. I write articles for The Girls Guide to Paris and I write for fun.

I write about Paris, food, lifestyle, luxury and travel.

Looking for a writer? Please contact me        sabesphoto (@) yahoo

I appreciate fine art, good music, succulent food, and breath taking scenery. My definition of luxury is authenticity. I don’t find mass-produced bags sold like macarons and branded with random initials to be particularly luxurious. I do find a week living in the coal hut of a tiny Ugandan village, spending my afternoons dancing to tamtams with local school girls in cotton candy pink uniforms to be what the French call la classe.


8 thoughts on “The Author

  1. Hello. I have just found your blog on Fodder’s and was intrigued with the comment about men wearing scarves. I like the way you described the voting experience. I just happened to publish a post with the same sort of info at the same time. I, too, like your Palais Royal ID shot. Mine isn’t nearly as subtle! Does this mean we’re neighbours?

  2. Bonjour , très bon site , de belle photo. Vous m’ avez pris en photo avec un amis à saint germain aujourd’hui. J’aimerais savoir si il y avait la possibilité que vous m’envoyer les photos effectuées . Merci d’avance . Bonne continuation 🙂

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