Detox Delight

My tongue is green, my head is spinning and my teeth are furry. I haven’t had solid food in over 24 hours. No, its not the plague, its Detox Delight! Which is really funny if you think about it. A delightful detox? Really?

Well, actually, yes… I’m only on day 2, but already I’ve lost 2 kilos. I know that this is weight that will come back if I return to my evil ways, but that is the other delight of this program. The two days I spent “prepping” have really help point out my evil ways. Particularly my habit of going into the kitchen for a little snack between the articles I write.

Its a break. I need to stretch my legs, and rest my eyes from the computer screen. I always choose a healthy snack; a clementine, a rice cake or a few almonds. But I must have skipped my math because those calories add up!!! Now I boil some water and grate a bit of ginger inside. Same break, zero calories.

Another delight has been the comments from my family;
“You’re crazy, Mom, you look perfect.”
“No toast for me this morning, I’ll just have a plain yogurt, I’ll do a mini-detox. Like you.”

And then there is the delight of having all my meals planned for me. Detox Delight delivers. They deliver your entire menu for the next to days. They’ll be delivering chez moi for five days. This week I will not have to ask myself “what’s for dinner.” Not even once! The family is surviving on leftovers I freeze, which means they are cleaning out my freezer, too!!! And since there is no cooking, there are no dishes to wash. Now that is what I call delightful!!!

The not so delightful part has been the rather large, water logged legs I had to hoist into bed last night with their sexy sock lines that had to hide from Mr French. And taking the metro home from a meeting last night, sitting next to a young man who was munching innocently away on his fresh out of the oven baguette as I used all of my resources to resist the urge to pounce on his snack and reveal my inner gluten glutton.

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8 thoughts on “Detox Delight

  1. How many days are you doing this? It sounds intense. Oy!

    I don’t know what your restrictions are but a really yummy “juice” that’s used in a lot of cleanses is almond milk, figs (although it may be tough this time of year), a few walnuts and vanilla bean. I’ve read that it feels like a meal (or rather dessert) during a cleanse. Sounds pretty good, right?

    Anyway, good luck! You’re brave!!!

  2. Very interesting idea….do you find any dip in concentration or energy? During my Ramadan fast, thats what happened to me late afternoon , but then I got over it and functioned as normal.

    When I did some research afterwards i found that fasting or detox for two days a week is very beneficial and helps you live longer!

    Love Denise

    • Denise, now that I’m on day 5, I can say that it would vary from day to day. I think 1-2 days a week would be a better program from me. After five days in a row, the idea of another juice sounds like torture to me. But oddly enough, I am sticking to it!

  3. I knew there had to be a Detox post Xmas/news years extravaganza of feasting! Mine turned out to be a return to NYC where there is nothing interesting to eat much less gaze at longingly. I was really destroyed by the Paris holiday season and totally unprepared for it to boot. Next year I will retreat to an obscure island somewhere so as not to blow up like a balloon. Thanks for the full story.
    I am getting No work done this morning!

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