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My mom was raised by nuns, so you’d think I’d know what Advent was. I don’t, I have no idea and pathetically my curiousity has never been great enough to inspire a google. However, being a chocolate lover, I know EXACTLY what an Advent calendar is and I’ve always wished that I could have my own. Especially today as I stood at the check out line of the Grande Epicerie du Bon Marche, where Mom after Mom purchased handfuls of treat-filled calendars for their brood at home. Well, today, I made it happen, I got my Advent calendar. It is 100% chocolate-free, but I love it even more than chocolate because I can share it with you… Instead of chocolates, you get 100% fat-free, absolutely healthy, gift ideas for the holidays.

GIFT IDEA #1 / Paris Photos

Much to my dismay, friends and family are always clamouring for photos of myself and my kids. I don’t get it, and it makes me feel rather vain, but the fact is that many people love collecting photos of friends and family. This year was particularly special, so I decided to calm the roar and hired the Paris photographer par excellence, Lindsey Kent of Pictours Paris to create Paris moments we could share.

As a once-upon-a-time photographer myself, I am pretty picky. I found Lindsey’s work to be excellent. We had rather unusual requests and Lindsey came up with photos that we’re as quirky and original as we had wanted, while remaining pretty pictures that the Grandpa was happy to receive. You can judge for yourselves…

When I mentioned my Advent calendar idea to Lindsey, she was thrilled. So thrilled that she is offering 15% off of a 1.5 or 2.5 hour photo session in Paris before February 15th. Just mention FindingNoon and remember to Smile!!!!

If this all sounds like an ad, it is not and I assure you, I paid for my photoshoot with Lindsey. I am just a very enthusiastic client who likes sharing a good thing!

Even more of a good thing includes some of the gifts we’ve come up with since the shoot. These are things you could with any photos of places you’ve loved.      M decided to have a custom case (30$) made for her iPhone at, while E was talking about making a calendar (20$) at the Apple Store and I am considering getting one of them printed on canvas to have as art. While skimming the web I’ve found throw cotton pillows (20$) from and I’m now thinking of creating my own Paris tote. Whatever you do with your Paris photos, smiles are contagious.



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4 thoughts on “Advent -1

  1. Aww, love Pictours Paris!

    I’ve got another idea for using the pics: you could also make a family calendar – I do one each year for our home at They often have deals where the calendar is free too, so you just pay for shipping. I’ve gotten some free mugs & post-its as well. (But make sure to use the US site & google the promo codes for them, it ends up being much cheaper, even with shipping to Fr)

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