Announcements, announcements, Announnnnnncements!!!

For the month of December I will be introducing an Advent Calendar. Which is hysterical, a Jewish girl from California living in sin with a Frenchman in a Parisian convent (Les Soeurs Auxiliaries) comes up with an Advent Calendar to suggest non-commercial (mostly) Pari-related gifts you can offer friends and family in Paris, or anywhere in the world. Ironic and a mouthful, all in one.

Advent (I know this because I googled it) begins tomorrow, the 2nd of December, but when I started sharing this utterly fantastic, completely altruistic idea with friends, family and the blog-o-sphere, I got a lot of really great ideas, and one of those ideas simply could not wait, because TODAY IS WORLD AIDS Day and Doni Belau of The Girls Guide to Paris has a very special charity for children with AIDS.


Sponsored by Vanessa Williams, Ubuntu Africa is there to provide health care, social support, nutrition, education and fun for children living with AIDS. To feel great this holiday season and help kids who worry about more than Santa, visit the Ubuntu crowdrise site and start the holiday season by doing good.

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4 thoughts on “Announcements, announcements, Announnnnnncements!!!

  1. Well, this Jewish lady in Florida (no not in “Boca” , but close) can’t wait to see what surprises you have to share with us. Hey, there are 8 days of Chanukkah, or however the heck it’s spelled so I may just use some of your suggestions for my own mishpucha… LOL

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