It is not an easy season to be photographing fashion. Hell, it is not an easy season for anyone but the taxi drivers. What was all that fuss about a drought? The weather has been down right schizophrenic, going from bright, sunny, summer weather one moment, turning into sheets of pouring rain the next.

It is hard to keep apace with the season, as our fashion conscious souls scream for sandals and summer dresses, while our minds think of the practicalities of Paris puddle hopping and staying warm. This woman has a nice little mix going on, with her modern trench protecting her from the rain, while high-cuffed jeans let hope spring eternal for spring.


Some have just surrendered, giving in completely to the early fall. I love that she’s wearing socks, so that she could potentially slip them off if the sun ever did start to shine. Not a bad option to the boots so many of use are still pulling on to our feet each morning.

And then, we crack. We can’t take another minute of the gloom, so the eternal optimists put on their skirts, leave their legs bare and leave us all with a spring in our step, hoping for more sunshiny moments to come.

This girl was so stunning that I actually asked to take her picture. She was surprised, taken off guard and happy to play along. She had no idea how perfect she looked standing there.

The men don’t seem to be loving it any better than us girls. The white’s are out and color is IN. Rain be damned.

These guys are not letting the weather, or anything else get them down. One of the great things about shooting Friday@Flore is that I get to meet some interesting people. Yassine and his friend obviously spend time working their up do’s but they don’t take themselves too seriously, even taking some time to pose for the old lady with her camera.


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3 thoughts on “Friday@Flore

  1. I LOVE the trench with the patent leather sleeves. Very fun.

    The lady with the slim green pants looks very stylish, but she should really ditch the socks.

    I agree the girl with polka dot top, white pedal pushers, and embellished heels picked a winning combo. I like her pixie cut, too.

    The gentleman in the white suit looks like an eccentric character.

    Delightful series, as always!

    • Brilliant post! Sums it up perfectly. The dilemma when summer will not quite happen

      We seem to be having three days winter followed by two days summer. Unpredictable showers in between.

      My summer clothes are all ready ( neatly ironed you will be pleased to know ‘). Ready to pounce on when the sun peaks out. Otherwise it is back to boots and sweaters.

      I love the shoes the girl in the polka dot top is wearing. Yes she is stunning!
      Denise from Bolton

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