Date Night – Pâtisserie des Rêves

If there is anything that Mr French loves nearly as much as me and his family, it would have to be ice cream. Every night after dinner he asks what flavours ice cream are in the house. And almost every night I have to inform him that there is an ice cream shortage chez nous, I’ve prepared strawberries. Or watermelon, or any other fruit that happens to be in season.

Not that I’m a mean control freak, or anything. Ok, well, I kind of am. But the reason I never buy ice cream is that once its in the house, I eat it. All of it. I simply can’t resist. It has become my out of the house treat. By necessity. Which make Mr French something of an avid collector.

This Saturday, he noticed that La Pâtisserie des Rêves on the rue du Bac now serves ice cream. I am not sure how he figured it out. There is just a small sign in a corner window. But he saw it and was in Philippe Conticini’s swanky little pastry shop before I could tempt him away with promises of my own sweet nothings.

Usually I avoid this pastry shop. The chef is a genius but waiting in line with a crowd of Japanese tourists puts me off and the desserts are individually displayed under glass bells, as if they were jewels instead of cakes, which kills the childhood delight of it for me. But even I have to admit, everything he makes it stupendous.

The ice creams are soft serve and available in three flavours. Tarte au citron, Paris-Brest or St Honoré. What makes them so special and maybe even worth a special trip are the extra touches. I ordered the Tarte au Citron and was surprised to see the sales lady scoop a bit of graham cracker-y crumble into the bottom of the cup, we were both drawn in as she swirled the tart, lemony ice cream on top and by the time she added the lemon sauce we were bouncing on our heels in anticipation.

It was perfect; a gingery crunch with a hint of salt, an ice cream so light it felt like a sorbet and a marvelously zesty lemon flavour through it all. And on that sweet note, I leave you for a summer break with the family. Wishing you all plenty of sunshine and lots of ice cream!!!

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