A First Date

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I was in something in a tizzy over my first, going beyond the café, date. This wasn’t my first date with a Frenchman, in fact I’ve still never dated an American. But, this was my first date in 20 years!!! Was it really like riding a bicycle? Would I fall off? I had no idea, but I felt ready to find out.

Before heading out, I turned to My Parisiennes for advice. I was a bit wary of les filles around this time, because they had set me up on coffee dates with some of the wildest guys, occasionally knowing that the men were married! “Well, its not like he is in love with his wife, besides you never said you wouldn’t date a married man.” I learned to be very clear with my friends about what I was looking for AND what I was avoiding like a case of rickettsia (been there, done that… Africa 1993).

But these women were my friends and they provided some really fantastic advice about what to wear. Hands down, the best suggestion was to wear my favorite, most comfortable clothing that made me feel the most self-assured and at ease, ensuring I’d feel the most like myself. I chose a pair jeans with a low cut brown wool Burberry blazer that I’d had in my closet for ages.They reminded me that shoes are crucial in France. Even busy CEOs take a moment to bend down and shine their shoes before heading out the door each morning, while placement firms have been known to take potential candidates on shopping excursions for new shoes before an interview. It would have to be heels. Sexy ones that had been shined recently.

Love, by YSL

Then for that extra bit of confidence, they told me, go out and buy yourself some really, hot, sexy lingerie that you love. It will give you a secret that adds some mystery to the evening. If you’d like a second date, keep those panties to yourself and wait for another night before unveiling your new look. Of course, if one date is enough, remember to play safe.

Since I was dating men I had met online, they were not coming to pick me up at my front door. I was in no hurry to give out my home address. I headed out the door alone. Nervous, but confident with my new best friend, Chantal Thomass at my side.

Chantal Thomass

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4 thoughts on “A First Date

  1. OoooH! reads like a mystery romance. can’t wait to hear the next instalment….. Actually, this advice is good for ANY occasion when you may be feeling a bit nervous. Job interview, meeting the in-laws. giving a speech.

    Love the underwear. Your friends are right. SO important, even when nobody sees it!

    Reminds me what my mother used to say…”wear good underwear, just think what the nurses would think if you got knocked down!”. Well as an ex nurse I can tell you the nurses do not notice. but it gives you the confidence to walk in front of buses! LOL!

    Love from Bolton

  2. Yes, Sophie, what great advice! I wore my La Perlas to go Easter Egg Hunting with my little redhead and it felt great!
    Oh, Denise, how right you are! My Mother used to say that – “What if you get into an accident? You wouldn’t want to be seen in those old things!”
    bisous to you both from San Francisco

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