Dumela Mma !!!

Elephant trunk Okavanga

That’s Setswana for Bonjour, Madame…Bonjour, Monsieur from the heart of the Kalahari. It is breathtaking here (sometimes quite literally, what with charging elephants, treed lions and hunting wild dogs!!!)
I can’t wait to share it all, but oddly enough,,the local wild life has not invested a ton in online connections, so wifi is slow, or non-existant.
Looking forward to sharing our adventures…
Tsama jacente from Finding Noon

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4 thoughts on “Dumela Mma !!!

      • Hi Sylvia,
        I love Africa with all my heart. The smell of the bush, the sounds, the colours…..I can go on and on. We’ve been to all the National Parks in South Africa.
        We go to the Kruger Park at least three times a year. It is a 6 to 7 hour drive, but we sometimes go for a long weekend.
        Will be in Botswana next March. Can’t wait.
        But first, it is Paris next month. Husband, myself and four friends.
        If you see a very happy woman with a silly grin on her face, it will be me!
        Enjoy the rest of your holiday.



        • Petro, I am with you; the smell, the feel of the air on my skin, the sounds in the night. Mr French was very to excited to hear that you’re a fan… your last name is très rugby and he loves rugby.
          At Mkadikgadi we drove one hour to see Chapman’s boabab, in Paris the same ride will get you to Versailles. I am glad there are both on the planet.
          Don’t be shy if you’re looking for any particular Paris magic, I’d love to help add some wonder to your trip.

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