Happy Father’s Day!!!

Once upon a time a little girl had a dream. It was an odd dream. She wanted to cross the seas and live in a strange, far away land where the people spoke a funny language and ate stinky cheese. The dream was particularly odd, because the little girl was already very happy; she had two fantastic parents, a very sweet brother and tons of fresh cherries from the cherry tree in their backyard. The little girl’s parents had other, really important things to worry about and didn’t really know much about this strange land, but they loved their daughter very much, so they gave her the very best education possible, and they showed her the ancient redwoods, and they took her to the nearest city and they opened her mind and they promised that someday, they would send the little girl to the land of her dreams.

One day, the Mom died. But the Dad was there and through his grief he remembered their promise, so he sent the girl to this very strange land. She was only 16 and there he was, putting his little girl on a plane. Alone. Letting your children go is never easy, but sending them to a far off land you’ve never visited can be very scary. And he was right to be scared, because the girl truly loved this strange land, so she went again. And again. Then one day she moved there and only came back for holidays, and even then, not very often.

By that time, the Dad had learned to love this land, too, and he understood why the girl wanted to live there and he saw that she was happy. It made him happy that she was so happy and had found her home. But it also made him a little sad, because it was so very far away and he didn’t get to see her very often. And then she had two beautiful little girls, so he missed them, too.

But he made the girl feel very proud about her life, and the job she was doing raising her daughters. And everyday the little girl would wake up and thank the powers of the universe that she had a Dad who had shaped her into the kind of woman who would make her dreams come true.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I miss you and I love you very much.

Happy Father’s Day Grandpa, love, Evan & Maya. You’re the best!!! Mwahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!





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