Immelda, take note… its shoe time!!! It has been a weird, wet spring and women seem to have had enough of their Hunter or Aigle rainboots, opting for the classic ballerinas shoes, trendy boots and even heels. Not practical choices, but sense when is fashion about being practical? In France there is a rule about spring fashion, “au mois de mai, fait ce qui te plaît….”*

Wedgies are back, and this time they are in the style of running shoes, or ballet slippers, adding a bit of chic to the sporty look and giving you an elegant, long legged silhouette while looking considerably less painful than your traditional, leather soled heels.

I was loving the ballet slippers with a twist. They were by far the most popular shoe choice last Friday, I edited it down to two pairs I particularly loved, which just happen to show off two of the most popular trends in shops today.

Ankle boots are in, and the cowboy look seems to have come along for the ride. Went to the very fashionable Merci boutique the very next day and there were feathered jewelry, braided belts and fringed tops for the total look.

My step-daughter is the ultimate fashionista and just last week she started talking about the kilim boots that were going to be the next “must” have. It was not much of a surprise, then, when I spotted two pairs of boots that looked very close to what she’d shown me.

Out last Mademoiselle seems to be an incurable optimist with those melt in the rain espadrille platform sandals that were big (no pun intended) last summer, but if the shop windows are any indication, they are less of a fad this year.

Cafe de Flore

* in the month of May, wear whatever strikes your fancy…


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5 thoughts on “Friday@Flore

  1. I hate wedges! I think they are the ugliest shoes and very uncomfortable, but I have been around long enough to see them come and go. Hopefully they will go soon!

    I have also been around long enough to see platforms come and go. I wore brown ankle strap platforms for one (!) of my weddings in 1974.

    Due to a foot problem, I have not been able to wear heels for about three years but recently I discovered some Clarks high heel shoes with a hidden platform which enable me to wear heels and be comfy… hallelujah!!

    I really like the Kilim boots. Stylish AND practical. The way the weather is going we will all be after some next month!

    Denise from Bolton

  2. Love it! My favorites are the high-heeled Oxfords and the fringed ankle boots. The Tory Burch flats with the gold medallion are so ubiquitous that I’m tired of seeing them. I understand the appeal, though, they are classy.

    Very nice series, as usual!

  3. Great post – I must admit that I don’t pay that much attention to shoes that everyone is wearing in Paris, but maybe I’ll start looking now! I never thought I would see cowboy boots being worn in Paris! I like the look, especially on all the beautiful young ladies!

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