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  1. I love your blog and I love seeing the fashions in Paris. The thing that strikes me sometimes though is the lack of colour in the clothes. Years ago I lived in Athens for 4 years and being Australian, I rebelled against the Athenian way by not always wearing black in winter. I remember wearing purple, red and other bright colours that made me feel happy. I also didn’t always wear enclosed shoes – I didn’t realise there was a rule. I remember being stopped in the street and being told I would become ill if I didn’t wear warmer shoes. I was one of the poorest Aussies at the Australian Embassy – who could afford new boots!!! One very lovely lady told me I would become ill sitting in the winter sun. Anyway, I didn’t get ill from the sun or the peep toe shoes but I still can’t bring myself to wear black, grey and dark colours in winter, though I have tried. Even in Sydney this has become the norm. I was in the centre of Sydney recently sitting in a park watching the fashion of the nearby walkers and started chatting to a visitor from New York. He said he was disappointed by the fact that in this wonderful sunny (well generally but on this day it was cold) city he could have been in New York since everyone was dressed in such drab colours just like at home. He expected more of us. So I’m about to make myself a bright red woollen wrap for winter and I may even go out and buy some forest green jeans. Still a rebel!

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