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Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 11.49.02 AMMr French is turning xx!!! I know, a big deal, right? And I really should plan something special to celebrate, which is much easier said than done when considering a man who seems to have experienced just about everything. His birthday is in August, so the clock is ticking… the pressure is on… and I am very bust these days trying to come up with a couple of wonderful ideas. A romantic evening for the two of us, as well as a day trip, or over-nighter with our kids in tow.

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 11.57.55 AMDo you have any ideas?? I considered a suite at the Shangri-Là, with an outdoor terasse over looking the Eiffel Tower, but the budget for just one night, well, I simply can’t. Then I planned to get a few taggers to come graffiti on the interior (not visible to neighbors) part of our balcony but they don’t want artistic direction and I don’t think Mr French would want n’importe quoi out his window each day! Au secours! I need ideas, readers!

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The current front runner would be a totally unique cruise with Bateau Mon Paris. They manage one of only 2 Venetian Water taxis that run along the Seine and this week I contacted them for a test run, and brought E along for the ride. We were transported by the adventure; an undeniably Venetian frame encompassing the Parisian cityscape. Which lead to an existential culinary debate; champagne or prosecco?

It was an incredible sensation, being down so close to the water line, surfing the waves of the imposing Bateaux Mouches, and feeling so very, very tiny compared to the grandeur all around. We spied private moments, caught lovers in the act, watched cargo being loaded and savoured a fleeting moment of river life. The sunlight cast a golden glow in the comforting evening air, the colors of Monet’s palette alive on the waves of the Seine.

So I have a part of the puzzle, 1.5 hours on the Seine. They have other boats, party-like pontoons that I could choose instead, something to share with our kids, which gives me options to work it all in with your ideas. Party planners! Celebrants! Let me know what you think would be the ideal xx birthday celebration in or around Paris!!!


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photos by Evan Grace

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13 thoughts on “Looking for suggestions…

  1. Your comment regarding painting your balcony reminded me of the work of the street artist Gregos. (www.gregosart.com) He is a Parisian artist that installs painted “masks” in cities around the world. You can order one, paint it yourself and Gregos will then install it in the area that you would like. You could paint it with something special for your husband and have it placed somewhere that he would walk by everyday. A gift that could last for awhile! I have done this a couple of times and the recipients loved it.

  2. So you’re thinking an experience over an object? Do you have bicycles? I like the water taxi idea, but that’s also a good Sunday afternoon event for no special occasion. I’d go for an object, like a cool bike or a piece of art. Or a studio portrait at Harcourt.

  3. Hi Sylvia – I like the boat ride idea. Our Parisian friend celebrated his birthday on board with his family and a few friends. The boat is larger than the one you described but he was thrilled to spend his 60th that way!
    Guess you need to decide soon. All the other things I wold recommend you have already done. I like following all your adventures! Looking forward to reading about the celebration. Happy Birthday to Mr. French!

  4. I just turned XX, very big deal! And I loved my present by the husband so much, I’d like to offer it to you: I went on a treasure hunt around the city. He left clues for me to find a cafe for a drink first, there I picked up another clue from the waiter – off to one of my favourite shops for a voucher and another clue. Onto a gallery, a couple of further stops, always a little something for me to pick up, ending at my favourite restaurant (or your gondola experience). Not much money involved, but a lot of personal thought and a fair bit of effort. I loved it!

  5. Oh, and I meant to add that our teenage daughter was in tow all day, she had helped organize some of the stops. We tend to celebrate birthdays together as a family, anniversaries strictly a deux. I love your gondola idea, much better than a party boat.. Maybe two gondolas?

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