Advent -16


In theory there are 9 Arts, one for each of the original Greek muses. So far, I’ve mentioned gifts involving the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th arts (visual arts, music, literature, and theater).

I raved about Gregos and Urbacolors when talking about street art, the Opera Garnier, Les Déferlantes and I talked about the joys of theater tickets including all the best ideas for getting tickets to events in Paris. But not everyone is into theater, and even if they are, they may not want to be going out with you (or me, since I’m talking about the successful gifts I’ve offered in the past). Schedules can also be a tricky thing to figure out.

Cinema to the rescue. Considered the 7th Art, there are movies for everyone and theaters in France have come up with a fantastic idea for movie fans; la Carte UGC Illimitée (240€). Valuable for an entire year, replaceable if lost, this card allows the holder to go to as many films at UGC cinemas as s/he likes for any period of 365 days. Trying to please a science fiction buff? A fairy tale romantic? Vintage loving hipster? Bollywood, Hollywood and Paris have created the perfect entertainment, guaranteed.

Of course, some folks just like cinema, they’re not crazy about. For them there are 5 or 7 movie passes (30-40€) that they can use on their own, or to invite others for a movie date.

And then there are the really dedicated folk who love a particular genre or director. Last year we got our resident movie buff a DVD collection of the greatest Italian classics. Not only are you supporting somebody’s passion, but you’ll now have an entire vocabulary to explore and share with one another.We get our films at the DiskKing of the boulevard Montparnasse. Not only do they have some good deals, but the manager is one of the most knowledgeable film buffs I’ve ever met and his recommendations are always dependable, which is something money can’t buy.



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  1. I just wanted to throw a little shout-out for the Gaumont version of this – it costs the exact same amount as the UGC card, but has the added advantage of having a special ‘accompagnant’ rate. This means that if you bring someone with you, they pay 6€ instead of the full 11.20€!

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