Another grey, rainy day in Paris and I’m feeling particularly washed out after last night’s tryptophan rush from all that turkey. Almost didn’t make it to the Flore, but like a true pilgrim, I pulled up my boot straps and headed out the door despite the gloom all around.







And boy, was I glad I did! And no, not because of the cute boys above, but because I discovered I’m not the only one with the November blues. Parisiennes seem to be suffering too, and they are fighting back with fashion. Rumour has it black is eternally “in” and its still just about everywhere you look, but this season, I’m seeing something new.






Color. And lots of it on men, women; young and old. Which color is irrelevant. I saw red coats, orange umbrellas and fushia handbags. There were green trenchcoats and bright blue scarves. Some went for the total look, while others were happy with just a splash of sunshine.

Everyone from the most elegant, sophisticated madames to hipster wanna-bes is having a go at the color wheel these days and it is refreshingly fun and light hearted, inspiring me to head home, take of my boring black sweater and replace it with a plum purple turtle neck. Things are looking brighter already!


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4 thoughts on “Friday@Flore

  1. Thank goodness they are introducing colour. I hate it , colour affects my mood. I can’t wear it, makes me feel depressed. (ever since a nervous breakdown when I realised black was the only colour I wore at the time)

    Maybe if the Parisiennes changed the rule that black is “eternally in” they may feel a bit better. We had a bit of respite a few years ago when brown became the new black, but I vote for red/orange/fuchia to become the new black and black being banned. It would be interesting to see the effect.

    Love Denise

  2. I started wearing blacking in Paris not just because it’s sleek and slimming, but because it turns out to be cheaper. I can wear pieces over and over and no one will notice, I don’t need special accessories because most of mine are already bright and leopardy, and again, my bum looks teeny tiny in black. : )

    Saying that I SOOO want that purple coat in the first photo!! I love the cut, the color, the buttons, everything!!! That girl is really working it. Look at that ‘tude!

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