Paris Fashion Week / mystery couple

While stalking fashion week, I kept seeing the most intriguing couple at all the shows; Guy Laroche, Belmain, Chanel… they were even front and center at Elie Saab. She is just breathtakingly beautiful and was very friendly with the press. He looks spectacular. They were not a couple in the romantic sense, but I am dying to know their story. Generally, I am not good at identifying famous people. Earlier this week I was getting emails for readers telling me I had shot Nichol Ritchie, Laetia Castas and Rachel Zoe. Who knew? Despite a fairly decent education at UCLA, with stars like Barbara Streisand auditing my classes, or Bill Cosby waiting for me to liberate the tennis court, you’d think I’d learn. But people had to tell me I was sitting next to Babs and I recognized Bill’s name on the sign-up list, otherwise I’d never had known.

Anyone have a clue who these fabulous folk maybe? Any People magazine followers out there? Au secours!!!



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