Paris Fashion Week / details

They say the devil is in the details. We’ll, they’re not kidding if those details have a girl whinging for a 10,000€ accessory. It’s an evil plot, I tell you. So in my valorous attempt to stay angelic, I’ve collected a whole packet of beautiful things, but in pixels, which are virtually free to me, and now I can share them with you!!!

The End


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2 thoughts on “Paris Fashion Week / details

  1. Obviously there is still too much money in the world. The world keeps on spinning. I’m so eager for a return of minimalism, when less is enough. When all this glitter and shine and gold and pearls and adornment is on everyone, it’s no longer special, it’s no longer interesting. We live in a time of such excess and people are truly confused by it–what to do? where to eat? what to wear?

    But you should still return to Bon Marche and buy that clutch envelope bag.

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