Last week New York, this week Clichy. FindingNoon has been busy this month. This week I am Clichy parachuted in for freelance gig writing some copy. This stuff is confidential until it goes live, so I can’t tell you who I am working for, but I can say that I’ve been tackling beauty products. Due to some irrational shyness and an incredibly dense workload, I don’t have “my” café just yet.

Instead of a rerun, I thought I’d share a theme I didn’t get to use from previous shoots at the Flore. BFFs get ready, this post is for you. I am not the only one who thinks that Paris is an extremely feminine kind of town.

And while the fashions these girls are wearing are decidedly too warm for the gorgeous spring weather that finally came, better late than never this year. You may notice a common thread.

Because everyone, with a few saintly exceptions, is wearing red this spring. Rain, or shine. Sweaters, scarves, and even, or especially jeans.

Red jeans, in every tone from deep bordeaux to dust pink, for women and men, Parisiens are dressing in warm tones, just the opposite of the New Yorkers and their obsession with blue.

Others are less discreet, opting for the all-out red look.

And then, there are the rebels, aschewing (wrong word, poor spelling… did I mention the work load around here?) red altogether, sticking to traditional black. Because after all, nothing flatters a woman more than being with her friends.

PS, Friday@Flore is developing quite the fan club, with this group of Paris regulars showing up to share a coupe and watch me at work. I love, simply love the support. It was lovely ladies. Thank you!



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11 thoughts on “Friday@Flore

  1. Love today’s post! There’s nothing like girlfriends! I am definately a member of the Finding Noon fan club (as evidenced by the photo), not only for the enjoyable reading, but for all that I am learning from it as well! I am looking forward to Fridays at Flore in July!

  2. What fun to read your post (and your mysterious new endeavor at Clichy!). I do like blue….but will have to consider red, eh? ha. I LOVE that last photo!!! Was scrolling down and then ..voila! Denise…Jane….Sandy..etc …supporting you! How I would have loved to be with them snapping photos of you hard at work (perhaps sporting a red scarf)! ha!

  3. What a fun post!!! All the photos of the ladies walking & talking were fun to see and what a surprise to see the last photo!! Those of us who were photographing you at work!! It was a fun afternoon and I look forward to attending Friday@Flore again in September! Love your Blog!

  4. I left a comment here yesterday and it was on there and now it’s gone??? Anyway, I was staying what a fun afternoon this was – love all the photos of the ladies walking and talking and what a surprise to get to the last photo!! Hope to attend another Friday@Flore if I get to come back in September! Love your Blog Sylvia!

  5. I love to be a Finding Noon “groupie”! LOL! enjoyed the afternoon and also look forward to seeing you again in July.

    I too learn a lot from your blog. Even got out my iron a few times too! LOL!…

    Glad people are turning to red, I have an aversion to black, makes me feel depressed. hence the rebellion with the orange!

    Love Denise

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