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I’ve got to be honest, I have never been a big fan of New York. Despite my relentless wanderlust I have only visited this city three or four times in my life and only when there was of a special event I needed to attend, or family to visit. Unlike the sensation that washes over me as my flight arrives in Paris, or San Francisco, I find myself feeling like the girl from A Chorus Line as the plane pulls into its terminal at JFK, “I Feel Nothing”.

I respect the city tremendously. I am a firm believer that NYC is the capital of the world;  I constantly marvel at all the culture the city has to offer, with a stunning assembly of both ‘high’ culture and popular culture from across the globe. New York is rich, but for some very odd, inexplicable reason, it is not “My Kind of Town”.

Ok, enough with the Broadway quotes and a bit about my visit. The city did start to pull on my heart strings as the taxi driver passed the billboard coming in from the airport, declaring, “NYC, Tolerant of your beliefs, judgemental of your shoes.”. How could I not respect a city where women needed to rent extra storage space for their shoe collection?

And I started to feel like I was home in Paris on our first full day, as we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and I saw this sticker promoting an entirely work-free Labour Day. Personally, I am a big fan of housework-free, shopping-free and banking-free days and I am confident that our new president, Hollande would definitely approve!


But, you know you’re close to Kansas not the Côte d’Azur, when, instead of blasé, understated Paris, where locals say “Oui, New York, ce n’est pas mal.*” which translates to “Oh My God, I simply LOVE New York!”, the city puts up this sign…. reminding you of how enthusiastic, modest and genuinely sweet Americans can be.

I had a fantastic trip to this city that I admire tremendously, even if I’ll never be a part of it…


*NYC, its not not bad.”

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3 thoughts on “FindingNoon Finds New York

  1. I’m glad you are enjoying your trip. I was just there for a few days the end of April to visit my first born and had a wonderful time. I find the streets clean, the subways convenient and must admit their transport is a bit better than our hometown (mine and your former)!

  2. It’s not Paris, but it’s unique! We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday. What a view! I hope you enjoyed the graduation.
    I attended ordination at JTS (Jewish Theological Seminary) as my cousin’s daughter became a Rabbi. It was quite moving.
    Love the billboard!

  3. Well, I love being in the village part of the NYC and only go up town for shows when there…that is the part of NYC (e.g. Greenwich area) that I enjoy. There are fabulous restaurants and parks. I hope to go to San Francisco this fall….possibly…my first time! Definitely, Paris and NYC differ…….

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