Hanukkah: the 2nd night

FASHION! While most of the ideas will be 100%, Made in France, this one is only designed here, but I’m listing it because it is THE must have fashion accessory of the season, worn by just about every Parisienne I spot. AND at under 100€, its affordable, AND it looks great on everyone! Its the Mademoiselle Plume, the doudoune designed by Comptoir des Cotoniers.

Screen shot 2013-11-29 at 1.29.15 PMHonestly, any brand with do, but the Comptoir’s is particularly irresistible. Its refreshingly logo-free. Fashionistas will love the leather trim. Practical folk, that it is reversible so that it will go with your entire wardrobe. Everyone’s gotta love the wide range of colors available and its cuddly warmth. What I particularly love is that it is so thin and light weight, I can wear it under everything; bustling through the streets of Paris without evoking the Michelin man in a ribbed parka; warm in my little leather jacket, or ordinary trench, the doudoune poking out from underneath with flair.

Screen shot 2013-11-29 at 1.36.42 PMOwned by the same group as the Comptoir, Uniqlo collaborated on this project and has a similar jacket available in their stores and it comes with or without sleeves! It is more affordable, because it is not reversible and there is no leather trim.

Photos from their official site. This is not an ad. They don’t even know I exist!



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