I’ll be working outside the city today, so I actually went to Flore last Monday, thinking I’d get some great shots of people out enjoying Easter. WRONG!!!! Arctic winds kept temps in the zero range and even those who don’t usually mind the cold were generally disgusted with the dismal temps we’ve been having this year. Hey weather gods, up there? Ca suffit!!!

How did I know that everyone was down and out? That I wasn’t simply projecting? The shoes!!! Parisienne’s take great pride in taking care of their shoes. Frenchmen, who participate in very few of the household chores, proudly get out their shoe waxing kits each Sunday and tired, scuffed shoes are simply, NON!

But this week, it was all about comfort knows best and everyone had dug deep into their closet for abandoned old favorites! Les Parisiennes were wearing their walking shoes!

There was definitely a common thread running through it all. In a very brief shoot (did I mention that I was cold? I couldn’t stand there long, especially not with Mr French sitting in the glass enclosed terasse, a traditional hot chocolate steaming in his cupped hands) I saw countless pairs of ankle high boots.

Ankle high boots, and wedgies. Yes, mesdames, I am afraid that wedgies will be the next “thing”. They’ve been popping up for the past few years, but I’d hoped they’d disappear as fast as they’d appeared. I’d hoped wrong. The girls at the office tell me they’re comfortable. I see their point… you get to keep the slimming illusion of a heel with the comfy rubber sole and support of a wedge. And in this gorgeous red tone, who could resist? Hmmm….. time to go shopping?


And at last, a few pair of knee high boots. Oddly enough, we only see the thigh highs around fashion week!?! Loving the jaunty tassel on these boot! I’ll leave you with the chicest of them all… Wishing you a fabulous Friday and a fantabulous weekend. Here’s to a bit of sunshine for us all!

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