This week should be titled Friday@Flores, because it sounds so much more espagnol, and last week, while in San Francisco, I stayed in the Spanish speaking part of the city, the Mission District. California started out as part of Mexico, an

d the Mission at Dolores Park was one of the first establishments in the area. The neighbor clings proudly to its hispanic heritage, serving up some of the freshest, most authentic foods, selling wrestling masks, and promoting murals in to the realm of fine art. For All Saint’s Day the Mexican community turns out in force to celebrate Dia de los Muertos.

And in the words of the great Maurice Sendak, “Let the wild rumpus begin

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One thought on “Friday@Flore

  1. Ah! I had plans to be in San Francisco last week until some health issues rose with husbands of a couple of my intended travel companions…so we did not go…alas, during the planning stage, I did find hotel rates quite high for that particular time and wondered if such a thing as you described above was the reason! I was hoping to stay in the north beach area…need to learn where the mission area is in relation to that. Anyway…fun to see your photos of All Saint’s Day in the mission area of San Francisco!

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