I have not posted for the last two days. No warnings, no advance notice, just *poof* I disappeared. There are no official rules in the blogosphere, but I find this to be ultimate un-cool. My apologies to all. Now for the good stuff. I disappeared to Chicago, then San Francisco where I lost myself in a sun-soaked glorious week of friends and family.







Which brings me to this week’s Friday@Flore. Before the Flore became I regular part of my life’s routine, there was the Dolores Café. Located on a busy neighborhood corner, just below Dolores Park with its historic California mission. There are basketball courts, a high-tech kiddie park, rolling green hills and a spectacular view of downtown, the entire scene perfumed with the aromas of medical marijuana.







I was not falling into hyperbole when I spoke of a sun-soaked SF visit. Its unusual, but it happened and every local with the slightest excuse to procrastinate had hit the slopes. I often joke that I do not know how to dress, because California has no sense of style, but my afternoon spent following the local street fashion scene proves me woefully wrong.








Couples of every combination were putting on their fashionable best – a relaxed adult grandson with his super cool grandma, LGBT trendsetters, woefully hipster couples, true next generation hippies, and vintage vamps. It was a kaleidoscope of style and design that left me feeling like a kid who had just devoured her favorites from her plastic pumpkin Halloween goodie bag. Well, to be honest, I HAD just devoured some of my childhood, but that’s another adventure…

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3 thoughts on “Friday@Flore

  1. Always interested to see some San Francisco street fashion for as you know I will be going there next spring, although I might just wait till I arrive to buy my wardrobe as the exchange rate makes things so cheap in the US.

    I have often thought that your daily blog posts are prolific, how on earth do you keep so inspired? I have job to keep up with you, time wise, so I don’t think it is un-cool at all to have a couple of days off. I even admired that you blogged more or less daily on holiday….that is above and beyond the call of duty.

    I now try to blog alternate days as I just couldn’t keep up the pace of daily posts, but then sometimes I run out of inspiration and have a rest.

    Love Denise

  2. “I often joke that I do not know how to dress, because California has no sense of style…”

    No, it’s the Southern Californians who have no sense of style. Just kidding!

    I must confess, I was born and raised in Sacramento and am therefore not a real “nyc girl.” This post makes me really nostalgic for the times I would vist SF for the weekend. Can’t wait to go back next summer.

    Love the outfits you captured!

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